The way Polvoron should be

Classic Polvoron

For those who like their polvoron just like they remember it.
No fuss. No frills. Each bite makes you want to go back. Again!

Cashew Polvoron

Cashew lovers rejoice! Your favorite polvoron with cashews
added for that extra oomph your taste buds will go crazy for.

Crisp Rice Polvoron

Nothing comes close to polvoron with added crunch.
Crisp rice roasted just right adds to the enjoyment each time!

Cookies & Cream

Polvoron with a twist Cookies n Cream takes your sweet tooth
to different level of bliss.


Have a taste of the tropic as the distinct nuttiness of the Pili
Nut brings out a delicious blend unlike any other polvoron.

Purple Yam

Only the purple yam is mix with premium powdered milk, toasted wheat
flour and sugar to create what you are holding in your hand right now.

Choco Covered Polvoron

What happens when you marry luscious chocolate, crunchy
crisp rice and creamy polvoron? Absolutely heaven!

Green Tea Polvoron

East meets polvoron as green tea brings your sweet craving to
another dimension of taste.

Crisp Rice with Stevia Polvoron

Cutting down on the sweets but still want that yummy, creamy polvoron treat?
This is the one for you! Our polvoron with crisp rice.. with stevia


Understanding true taste of our Polvoron

  • Janina Rivera | Teacher

    “ The polvoron was wrapped well and tested as sophisticated as it looked. It came with a variety of Choices. My polvoron had pili nuts in it, and I enjoyed it immensely. ”

  • Melissa Mendoza | Entrepreneur

    “ There's a twist to how HOP makes their polvorons different from other brands. My favorite is Pili flavor. It's very flavorful and it makes me feel so good to taste it is so well in my mouth. You can really taste and savor the romance on the Pili nuts. Of course, other variants taste good as well. ”

  • Daniel Mariveles | Web Developer

    “ Cookies n Cream is always my favorite flavor of polvoron. Only HOP do it better compare to other brands! Kudos!”

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