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It all started in 1987 with an old family recipe from Daddy Ding and an even older ancestral home kitchen from Mommy Rose’s side -- a recipe for something good. Really good. They started experimenting with the old recipe and adding this and that and subtracting here and there until they came up with the House of Polvoron (HOP) Classic (which was unbranded then). The couple did everything in the beginning. From making the polvoron to hand carrying them to customers. The latter made Daddy Ding extremely fit and customers would call him “Rambo.” From Laguna, to Makati and then Ortigas. No place was too far for them coming from their place in Sucat. After some time, Mommy Rose took over the selling as Daddy Ding was in charge of production. It was a good switch as Daddy Ding proved to be a stickler for quality. A principle they still stick to up to this day.

Everyone pitched in from the start, including the kids. School breaks were spent helping out in the kitchen packing the polvorons, answering phone calls, assisting Daddy Ding and a whole lot of other responsibilities. This was important as the children were taught the basics of the business which they will run someday. As the time passed, demand increased and more employees were hired. Polvoron lovers know quality when they tasted it and they wanted more. The amount produced daily is always sold out by the end of the day. And during the peak season of November and December, people were lining up as early as 7am while the polvoron is still being made. That’s why we never wavered in our commitment to make the best polvoron. It’s because of our loyal customers.

As the years went by, employees left and some stayed. Some of those who have stayed for 25 years or more were hired when they were still in their teens. Talk about loyalty! It wasn’t just a business, it was also a family -- a good balance of a professional and paternalistic culture that worked very well. Daddy Ding and Mommy Rose were like second parents to them. Did everything a parent/boss would do. Gave them training, took care of them when they were sick, became godparents, attended fiestas, the works! In the factory, most of them are related by blood or by being from the same town in Batangas -- an environment full of genuine trust and caring. “If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.” -- A powerful principle that has been passed down to the children by Daddy Ding and Mommy Rose.

Well, HOP didn’t stop there. We knew that to thrive and survive, not only is consistency important, we had to offer more in terms of variety. And that’s how we came up with other mouth-watering variants such as cookies and cream, pili, cashew and pinipig. The latter is HOP’s number one seller. Daddy Ding is still thinking up new variants to add to the growing family of HOP flavors to satisfy the sweet tooth of polvoron lovers all over.

Although Daddy Ding and Mommy Rose have taken a backseat from running the business and turned it over to the children, they are still consulted especially on development of new polvoron variants.

HOP has gone a long way from the simple kitchen setup it started with. Now, we are now on our way to getting a HACCP (Food Safety) accreditation in 2014 which will help us in our goal of becoming a world class factory producing world class confectionaries.

Mommy Rose and Daddy Ding would be proud. Very proud.

And that is the sweetest of it all.

Why choose us?

We are commited to delivery distinct taste to all.

Our Story

1987 was the year our first polvoron rolled out of our kitchen and into your life. The best quality ingredients go into each and every polvoron. That's why every bit lures you and your taste buds into a delectable world of flavors and unforgettable memories.

At HOP, we know this is the way polvoron should be. Unbelievably good.

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